As of the 1st of January 2021 the Brexit will be a fact. Free movement of goods will no longer be possible. Transport to and from the UK will start with border checks and declaration to the Customs. Which results in extra costs. Our customs service is available as from the 1st  of January for both EU and UK customs clearance. Together with our partners in the UK, we are prepared and waiting for what is to come. Even when you take care of your customs documents yourself please note we always need the following details per shipment:  

  • Document/ (MRN)number(s)received from Customs  
  • Document Type (EX, IM, T-?) received from Customs  
  • Address details of the buyer and the seller + EORI number of both  
  • Detailed Goods Description  
  • Number of pallets (including dimensions per pallet)  
  • Number of packages  
  • Type of packaging + Packaging code  
  • Gross weight