Corporate Social Responsibility

Environment, reliability, flexibility and special care made Estron to a modern logistics provider and transport company that can supply all demanded services. Estron has a large interest in sustainability. In 2012 we obtained the AEO certificate one of the main elements in security and procedures from customs.

Customs compliance, high risk company for dangerous goods, health certificate, registering in and out coming goods, financial solvability and the most important our own standard procedures for the health and safety of our employees, our customers and the environment.

Main advantages for our customers:

  • Proof that goods are controlled by professionals, safe and transparent.
  • A better position to negotiate the logistics handling and provide a faster service.
  • Estron group is constantly improving the CO2 emission:
    • Euro 6 engines
    • Electrical forklifts, reach trucks and order pickers.
    • Waste control and recycling
    • Electricity and light control with sensors
    • Consolidation of shipments to form complete loads
    • When possible use multimodal.
    • Member of international networks and partners to minimize empty kilometers