Estron Forwarding is delivering all over Europe. We have regular service twice a week to all the main cities in France,Spain Portugal and Ireland. The groupage and part loads are handled by our agents in these countries. Next to that we have a daily hub service with our own premises in Hamburg. In 2010 Estron started a Joint Venture with Contifreight Gmbh. In five years we have grown into a middle sized Forwarder located in Billbrook – Hamburg. We offer daily departures from and to Northern Germany, UK, Ireland and Northern Ireland. Our experienced employees, our huge international network and the modern fleet of XL tautliners take care of all your shipments. Next to trailers we also offer containers services twice a week to Ireland and Northern Ireland. We make use of all sort equipment, such as 20ft, 40ft en 40ft hq containers. Since February 2015 COntifreight also offers transports to and from Scandinavia. From Hamburg and Rotterdam we serve Denmark, Sweden, Norway at least twice a week. Since 1 Septmeber 2016 Contifreight is a member of the Estron Group. They changed their name to Estron deutschland GMBH

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